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Dalian Heavy Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a nearly century-old Dalian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (DHI) belongs to Dalian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Electrical Power Branch was established in 2002 with limited restructuring.

Before the completion of restructuring in the production of Dalian Heavy equipment repair, and transformation services to large and medium, but also for the related products of Dalian Heavy Industries collaborative production. Dalian Zhong Gong move Gaizaoshiqi, I Jishi lease Le 1 million square meters of Shengchanchangfang, Quanlixiezuo Dalian Zhong Gong's Xiangguan products production; both transformation and removal of the device and electrical installation Changfangdongli large number of contracted projects.

I have a strong hydraulic production and processing capacity, has a rich experience, professionalism and strong workforce, a sound management system. I have a broad service areas, products related to metallurgy, energy, transportation, chemical industry, urban construction and other areas. Mainly responsible for coke oven machinery, loading and unloading machinery, metallurgical equipment, steel rolling equipment, metallurgical equipment, special vehicles and other equipment in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the transformation of mechanical and electrical equipment overhaul and spare parts supply, both domestic advanced products.

Company employees more than 2202 people, including 10 senior titles, 8 full-time inspectors, various professional and technical personnel 30 people.

After several years of efforts, the company gained considerable development, the company's new production base will be put into operation in 2009.

Company to further develop the guiding idea is to continue to follow the design specifications of Dalian Heavy Industry, technology and quality standards, with Dalian Heavy electrical control, hydraulic, transmission and welding test research base for manufacturing and product development to provide better technical support.

The company has perfect quality management system. In accordance with ISO9001; 2000; GB/TI9001-2000 documented quality management program, a sound service system, providing customers with excellent technologies and products, provide a good sale, sale, service. Our philosophy is "quality, customer first ", our corporate culture is "honesty, hard work, innovation and development. "