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Dalian Heavy Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a nearly century-old Dalian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (DHI) belongs to Dalian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Electrical Power Branch was established in 2002 with limited restructuring.

Before the completion of restructuring in the production of Dalian Heavy equipment repair, and transformation services to large and medium, but also for the related products of Dalian Heavy Industries collaborative production. Dalian Zhong Gong move Gaizaoshiqi, I Jishi lease Le 1 million square meters of Shengchanchangfang, Quanlixiezuo Dalian Zhong Gong's Xiangguan products production; both transformation and removal of the device and electrical installation Changfangdongli large number of contracted projects.


engraved glorious history of innovation to create the future. With the development process of the past century, Dalian Heavy Industries • Crane Group, who has made a significant contribution to the national economy.


the new century, the successful conduct of the relocation of enterprises restructure, the implementation of a new round of product mix, creating a new development platform to achieve sustained and rapid development, and write a new chapter in the heavy equipment manufacturing.


the face of domestic and international economic trends, Dalian Heavy Industries • Crane Group to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry responsibility, to create world-class firm Heavy business goals.


We sincerely new and old friends from home and abroad continue to go hand in hand for a better future!

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